Telco RJ21 Cable to Krone Strip


Telco Cat3 Cable to Krone Strip 10 pairs

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ConnectionRJ21-Regleta Krone

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Shop Online Cables24 available for sale the Cable Telco RJ21 to Krone 10-pin connector, we understand that this is a cable in which each customer has different needs in terms of length, connectorizacion ...

In Cables24 we adapt to our customers, we make the Krone strip with the configuration that they indicate us if it is necessary. We can also finish our work in a PVC distribution box in which we will insert the krone strips to facilitate the technicians the installation in the field.

Contact Cables24 and adapt the manufacturing process to the request of each customer.

RJ-21, also known as the Centronic Connector is a registered RJ family standard, works with a modular connector that can be used up to 50 conductors, it is usually used for the application a connection of 25 lines (or less) like that Is used in the telephone system model 1A2 key.
It is also known as the 50-pin telecom connector. Sometimes RJ21 is used for blocking and making a telephone box for PBX and other telephone systems.
The Krone 10-pair terminal used to make the connections of a telephone installation thanks to its LSA-PLUS insertion system and to test the line connections. The Krone board provides a correct distribution and assignment of the telephone cable from the switchboard to the communication distribution cabinet.

Variations available on the RJ21 connector:
RJ21 Male Layered 90 Degrees.
RJ21 Male Layered 180 Degrees
RJ21 Female Layered 90 Degrees.
RJ21 Female Layered 180 Degrees

Length available:

  • 0,5 metros
  • 1 metro
  • 2 metros
  • 3 metros
  • 4 metros
  • 5 metros
  • 6 metros
  • 7 metros
  • 8 metros
  • 9 metros
  • 10 metros
  • 15 metros
  • 20 metros
  • 25 metros
  • 30 metros
  • 35 metros
  • 40 metros
  • 45 metros
  • 50 metros
  • 60 metros
  • 70 metros
  • 80 metros
  • 90 metros
  • 100 metros


David Walker 02/04/2019

Awesome product

Awesome product and great value. It comes just ready to install. Save time which means money for me. Thank you!

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    Telco RJ21 Cable to Krone Strip

    Telco RJ21 Cable to Krone Strip

    Telco Cat3 Cable to Krone Strip 10 pairs

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